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We would love to hear from you. If you would like to make contact with us, our details in New Zealand are  –

Rod                 +64 22 377 9763

Dearne           +64 21 377 913


Skype              fredum124


14 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Jude Loza

    How do I access your photo gallery, or is that out of bounds!! Lol. It says it wants a p/w

  2. if you are in queensland, please come and visit us ……i’ve got a new wife now, dale, from the deep south in the u.s.of a.
    laurie (coggs) and dale

  3. Kathy and greg

    Hope you arrived safely in cooktown let us know whether it was good and worth the travelling from port Douglas (glengarry c/park). Had a good dy at moss man gorge then to a tropical winery (interesting). If you are travelling down through the atherton we are stopping at 237 junction rest area, mount garnet. Take care kathy and Greg

  4. Chook

    Hey guys – check out Crazy Clarks for me in Mt Isa!! One store I haven’t had a chance to visit. Great reading about you guys……………..I have been seeing a bit of Aussie since I saw you last as well. Still tons more to see as well……..

    I suppose after your stop in Bundabery the back of the van was full of Rum! No space for coke!!!


    • Hey Chook – happy to check out the store for you. Will come back via email. Have to admit Chook we do carry a bit the local stuff. Still have room the the coke tho’. Let us know where you are going walkabout and we may be able to cross paths. Rod

  5. Martin Frost

    Hi Guys thoroughly enjoyed the blog – will keep an eye on your journeying. We are living between Toowoomba and Brisbane CBD – about 2 hours from Toowoomba so if you are passing our way give us a yell and see if we can fit a beer in somewhere. Martin & Raewyn Frost

    • Good to hear from you Martin. We are in Toowoomba next week end at the flower show but not sure which direction we will take after that. Email me your email address and will let you know when we know. Rod

  6. Nik & Julie Pritchard

    Hi Dearne/Rod – an amazing adventure you both are having. You have discovered one of our favourite destinations in the NT, Australia’s best kept secret. We are currently at Woodgate Beach QLD head north to Townsville then west to Halls Creek in the Kimberley – will keep an eye out for your number plates. Nik & Julie

  7. John Bullock

    Hey Rod ….has Dearne been knocking you around? I see in one of the mugshots, you have a leg bandaged!

  8. Hi. My wife live in New Zealand. We are retired and have an adult son in Brisbane.

    We’d like to travel around in Australia but have found it difficult to find out +/- what it would cost excluding the cost of a caravan/motorhome. We’d like to know what it would cost on a monthly basis or weekly. (food for 2, fuel, average park-up fees and so on)

    If you keep a record of costs it would be very helpful indeed if you’d share it with us.

    I found your article re: Taking your Motorhome over to Australia, very helpful.

    I am sure that many people would like to have the “figures”.

    We also read your Blog regularly. What a wonderful trip you are having.

    Thanks, Bill and Heather Schneider

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