Our RV


 “FREDUM” is the name we have given to our motorhome.  The name is a good fit for our new lifestyle and our travel intentions.

On making the decision that we wanted to travel New Zealand and Australia in a motorhome, we then had to decide which motorhome would suit us best. It took 18 months of research by attending motorhome shows, talking to motorhome builders in New Zealand and Australia and then talking to motorhome owners about what they liked and disliked about their motorhomes.  We were most interested in their dislikes as their likes for the most were blindingly obvious.

At the end of our research early in 2011, we made the decision to go with Traillite in New Zealand. Most builds, whether in Australia or New Zealand, were similar in price for a similar product. However Traillite, based in Pukekohe New Zealand, seemed to be the most flexible in terms of the changes we wanted to make to meet our future travelling needs. The motorhome is one of Traillite’s ‘Landmark’ designs and is approximately 9m overall.

We were fortunate to be able to secure the personalised plate “FREDUM“.  It’s previous owner resides in Turkey. With a willing seller and a willing buyer, the purchase was almost seamless. What would we do without email now-a-days.

To read more about our motorhome. Click Here . To view a few more shots of our motorhome click Here

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