Current Location

From 7 March 2015 back in our home town in New Zealand


4 thoughts on “Current Location

  1. Looks like the google map is working fine. I just hope you are in Pahi…

  2. Penny Anderson

    Hey guys,
    Loving reading about all your travels and seeing the photos….(which appear to be mostly of Rod!!!)
    Can’t wait to have you in Oz, though I will be gone by then!!! But back at the end of the year!!
    Lots of love, Penny

  3. Sue Tucker

    Dear Dearne and Rod, I’m thrilled you have made the break and enjoying yourselves. Great blog…well done for setting it up. The weather has been amazing for you….one out of the bag this year. You won’t want to come home….intrepid travelers at your best….ENJOY!!!!!

    Love and go well

    Sue xxx

  4. Jan Wills

    Dearne and Rod – amazing who and what you find on Google! Have the best time on your big adventure – I will be following your blog with great interest. Go Fredum!
    Love and best wishes
    Jan and Don Wills (Wellington)

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