Pahi Visit

5 O'ClockersWe are in the 2nd to last day of our six day visit to Pahi before heading off for ‘someplace  North’.  We are thinking of spending a few days at Kai Iwi Lakes but will not make that decision until tomorrow.

Our Pahi experience has been brilliant (weather included).  We are with a group of 12 motorhomes and/or caravans or 5th  wheelers.  There are about 30 of us all up. While we tend to do our own thing during the day, we met up every night for ‘5 o’clockers’ and dinner.

The Bathtub Regatta was a hoot. There was a couple of obligatory sinkings and at time less than average pilotage. Some of the entrants had spent quite a bit of time and money on their craft only to see it all end in tears.


The downside of bathtub racing is when your bathtub goes to the bottom, so does your engine.  In saying that, some of the bathtubs were able to get up on the plane and could really make good speed. Drivers needed to be relatively confident boatmen (or women).

The Pahi Boat Club had erected a big marquee on the site for the event and provided a band and bar for both Saturday and Sunday nights. We took advantage of their generous hospitality on both nights. Resting day today and tomorrow!!!

We would definitely return next year if we were going to be in New Zealand.

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One thought on “Pahi Visit

  1. Laurie Rands

    Sounds like a fabulous time has been had by you all in Pahi – we have also just come back from a day on the water – courtesy of the New Zealand Navy, a day on the harbour, watching the Auckland Anniversary Sailing Regatta, with wine in hand, and lunch served on the flight deck, while the sailing boats sailed past – oh yes, that is the way to enjoy life……. and like yourselves, we have had brilliant weather, just super fantastic. It doesn’t get any better,, does it.!!!
    Continue to enjoy your visit up ”north” and we will keep an eye on your travels.

    Laurie & Frank

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