At Waipapakauri Ramp

Waipapakauri Ramp (2)We are a bit late updating the blog as reception here in the North has been either one bar at best or nil. Our two days at the Ramp was a hunker down and relax time as the weather ‘persisted’ down most of the time and the winds were Sou’west at about 20 odd knots.  Not a good couple of days for the bikini or fishing.

My ‘hunter and gatherer’ did his best to add to the freezer with a bit of surf casting but it was all to no avail. The on shore winds and rather large surf were not helping him at all and it was certainly not the weather for ‘Wilson’, our fishing kite. The line would have ended up inland and the only critters in danger would have been rabbits and possums.

But you know Rod – never say die. He managed to find a tuatua bed just up from where we were staying.  As a result of his hunting ability, we had tuatua fritters for dinner last night and we now have enough in the freezer for another couple of meals.

A couple more shots HERE

We have decided to head directly up to Cape Reinga today.  We will update the blog again when we have reception.

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2 thoughts on “At Waipapakauri Ramp

  1. Karyn Allen

    Wow guys sounds like you having alot fun, good on ya…..wat a hunter and gatherer you have Dearne you will never go hungry with him around…..enjoy enjoy enjoy x

  2. #2

    I’m getting very envious of you two. Retirement is starting to sound pretty good to me.
    Enjoy the winterless north.

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