At Houhora Heads

016With the school holidays over and the northern region’s public holidays finished until Easter, there is not much traffic on the road or holiday makers around the normally busy spots.  We are having no problem finding places to park the motorhome.

As we headed south from Tapotupotu Bay yesterday we were not quite sure where we were going to end up for the night. When we arrived at Houhora Heads late yesterday afternoon we were not quite sure if it was going to be it for the night or not.  After a cruise around and finding some great harbour parking spots we decided to stop. The short of it all is that we have liked the area so much, that we are now in our second day here.

We are parked about 50 metres from the water and are in one of the better fishing spots in the region.  While Rod has not done any fishing in the Harbour, he hitched a lift over to Ninety Mile Beach this afternoon with another motorhomer and came home with a great snapper catch. The freezer is looking ‘fish’ healthy again.

We managed to get in a good bike ride this morning.  The area is generally quite flat so it makes for a good opportunity to look around the Harbour by pedal power.  The ride also gave us a chance to pick up a couple of bags of fruit as we passed local roadside stalls.

For more photo’s of our Houhora visit click HERE

Where too from here? Again we are not too sure but tomorrow we may head over to the Karikari Peninsula area. Will let you know. Take care all.

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2 thoughts on “At Houhora Heads

  1. Robert Alpe

    Fredum the way you guys are doing it sounds sublime. Looking forward to catching up in Bali next month!!

    • Us too Robert – looking forward to the cocktail glasses clinking. Word of warning!!! hope you guys a better than good at karaoke – we have a family of enthusiasts. Regards Rod

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