Always Have a Plan B

So far this trip we have never had a travel plan as we have just stopped when we felt like it. However on our journey home we have one or two dates and times that we need to stick to consequently we have a Plan A.

The first stop in Plan A was supposed to be last night at Te Arai Point – Mangawhai Forest Camp. What a nightmare journey!  The 12km road to the camp from the main road was gravel, rock hard, corrugated and to make it worse, dust for Africa.  I doubt that the road had seen any road works since the first canoe’s arrival. When we arrived in at the camp it looked more like a dump site than a camp. After a quick look around the ‘boss’ made an immediate decision that we were ‘out of there’ and we then had to suffer ‘that road’ again on the return journey to the main road. The van, driver, passenger and its contents survived journey albeit the van’s exterior colour was now a dirty brown, the van contents were all over the floor and the salad was now premixed in the refrigerator.

By this time it was getting late in the day and the closest stopover was about 7km away at Mangawhai. We were lucky that our ‘lodgings’ in Mangawhai are on bore water so we were able to give the van a good hosing down and clean inside. We have decided to stay here for two nights and spend a bit of time biking around.

As part of our Plan A, we were going to stay at Matakana for a two nights but we received a call yesterday from daughter #2 saying that they are travelling north to Whananaki to look at a section on Saturday.  Consequently we have decided to leave here early tomorrow morning, spend an hour or so at Matakana markets then head back up to north to Whananaki to meet up with Renee, Michelle and the grandkids for a night. It should be good for one or two Pino Gris and a few R & C’s.

We will then be back to our original Plan A and head to Martins Bay on Sunday or Monday.  In our new lifestyle, flexibility is the key.

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6 thoughts on “Always Have a Plan B

  1. Jane

    Hi Rod and Dearne
    Have very much enjoyed travelling with you and can just imagine the dirt. Your ‘salad’ description appealed to my inner chef! It is ghastly here today and our beautiful park now has a lovely lake as part of our view. Oz is under a lot of cloud at present – bring on the autumn sunshine please! Love to you both and cheers – it being Fri arvo drinkies – it is so wet outside we might just as well be wet on the inside!

  2. Renee

    In my experience plan A is highly over rated. Can’t wait to see you two. Xx

  3. You sound like you are having an amazing time! Awesome example of hard work paying off! There’s hope for me yet 🙂 xoxo love you both lots!!!!

  4. Jo

    Sounds like practie for the Aussie roads! Nothing but dust down our track, car never looks clean. lol

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