Heading Home from Australia

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Lunch at Poachers Pantry, Hall, NSW
Rod, Dearne, Chuck, Ali

It is our last day in Canberra today before we head up to Sydney tomorrow and back home over the weekend.  Our visit to Canberra has been most productive in terms of finalising many of the arrangements required to take the motorhome to Australia in June. It was certainly an advantage being in the Capital to have these discussions.

The clarification of the Carnet guidelines (the motorhome passport) with Australian Customs has been sorted and we are both happy with the outcome.  We can now import the motorhome to Australia without having to pay any import duty, taxes or register the vehicle in Australia.  We also have the ability to fly out of Australia for whatever reason and leave the motorhome here should there be need to during the Carnet period.

We had already set up bank accounts, tax numbers and a cell phone number so it was just arranging the final little things like an E-Tag for the Australia’s motorways and tunnel systems, data cards, membership of the Australian Motorhome and Caravan Association for cost effective vehicle insurance, membership of the Big 4 Holiday Park system and a process for fuel discount.  All done!

We need now just to complete the actual shipping arrangements to Australia when we get home. Roll on the 14th June and the start of our Australian journey.

If anyone needs to talk about shipping a motorhome to Australia, give me a bell. Believe me, it can be a torturous path without the knowledge.


Dearne with Clyde, Chuck and Ali’s American Bulldog. A giant (55kg) but gentle animal

It has been a great few days with Chuck and Ali. The last time we caught up was in April 2012 at the Communicators Reunion so it’s been a few months between drinks.  We have to say that without their assistance in Canberra it may have been a little more tiresome in finalising some of our travel arrangements. Having ‘inside’ knowledge always helps. Cheers guys.

Just before we left home Dearne had a ‘minor’ altercation with another vehicle. I am more than happy to tell you it was not her fault and no injuries so insurance (via the perpetrator) is picking up the tab for repair. The down side is that because we are now a one car family getting around is a little more difficult. The immediate plan when we get home is to get the car sorted.

To those of you who are attending Claire Bears birthday party, see you all next Saturday night in Auckland.

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4 thoughts on “Heading Home from Australia

  1. Laurie Rands

    Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy Dearne,,, he looks HUGE,,,,, I will take you at your word that he is gentle.

    Moses, I would not want to be buying the food to feed him ha ha!!!!

    Sounds like you two have had a wonderful time over there,, not long before your extended adventure starts… fabulous eh!!!

    Laurie & Frankie

  2. John Bullock

    Yes … it would have been could to catch up with “Chuckles” and talk more BS over a drink or three! You might not have seen the news report the other day, where Auckland is right up there as one of the worst places to drive around or through! Same old story, it is not what you know it is who you know, i.e. getting your motorhome sorted out in Aussie for the big adventure. When I was living on the Gold Coast, I do recall when you travel into Western Australia and you have a firearm on-board, make sure you can produce a licence for it. Apparently the WA police do not take to kindly to unlicensed firearms.
    _…_ ._._.

  3. Judy

    Wow, that dog is BIG. Glad he’s gentle but I’ll bet he scares off a lot of people . Great guard dog.

    Your big adventure will be here before you know it. It sounds fantastic. I’m sure you will have a great time and meet lots of wonderful people. An experience of a lifetime. Good for you.

  4. hilander50

    Great to see you got the Carnet Regs clarified. See you over the weekend.

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