Still On the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast view from campground

The View from our Motorhome at Cottonwood Holiday Park

Since our last blog update on the 1 July, the weather has done a complete 360 degrees and it has been brilliantly fine and very warm. The shorts, T shirts and jandals came out of the wardrobe and one could be fooled into thinking it was mid summer.

We are starting to appreciate the sheer size of Australia and what we hope to ‘get in’ in the two years we are here. We have given up travelling in weeks or months and are now planning our travel in seasons whether that be in the North, South, East or West of Australia. Every ‘traveller’ we have meet has advice or suggestions on where we should go and when. We are listening to all local advice but will have to make our own minds up at the end of the day.

We made our visit to the Australian Zoo on Tuesday and were totally impressed. If Steve Irwin was still with us, we are sure he would be very happy with what has been achieved in his name. The Zoo has been made as natural as possible but still giving visitors a ‘close up’ interaction with Australia’s ‘most dangerous’. We would highly recommend a visit to the Zoo should you visit here. Please find a few photographs of our visit HERE .

Ettamogah Pub

Dearne at the Ettamogah Pub

On our way back to Maroochydore we called in to the Ettamogah Pub and had a couple. We did not realize until we read the Pub’s history that this was not the original Ettamorgah Pub. The first one, based on the cartoon “Ned and his Neddy” written by Ken Maynard,  was opened in Albury, New South Wales in 1987.  The Queensland version did not open until November 1989.  Oh well – another visit on another day.

One of the most noticeable things about the Sunshine Coast at the moment is the impact that weather and sea conditions have had on the coastline. In some places there is no beach – just a solid rock base. Work has recently commenced to pump sand through a pipeline from a barge in the Maroochy River to the Maroochydore and Alexandra Headland beaches. It is estimated that approximately 175,000 cubic metres of sand will be pumped over the next two months at a cost of $2.4M.

It’s all about tourism and jobs here.  In Australia both local Councils and Government have recognised the spending power of the national and international baby boomer community and are encouraging them to be part of Australia’s growth. The ‘grey nomad’ movement is particularly strong in Australia – at a guess, 85% of the motorhomers and caravaners we have met are in that category. Caravan and Motorhome parks abound with more opportunities opening all the time. In New Zealand the Auckland ‘Super City Council’ for whatever reason has recently made a decision to close the very popular Takapuna Beach Motorcamp. Go figure!!! Travel where you are made to feel welcome we reckon.

Group Photo1We had a lovely visit today from our good friends Graham and Karen Anderson from Howick in Auckland. Graham and Karen are taking a three month break on the Gold Coast to escape the New Zealand winter. Graham and Rod’s friendship goes back some 30 years when they were on the same Ten Pin Bowling team at West Auckland. A pleasant dinner at a local Maroochydore Thai restaurant ended our day.

We have a ‘lay’ day tomorrow (Friday) then on Saturday taking the jeep and heading north to the Eumundi Markets and Noosa for a bit of a poke around. We have both been there in the distant past so decided just to do a day visit

Will update the blog again on the weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Still On the Sunshine Coast

  1. Lovely hearing all the news. Interested in Steve Irwin’s zoo. Did you see bindi? I think she has quite a roll there.
    And Takapuna campsite closing? $$$$$ must be!
    Keep blogging!

  2. Hi guys,

    We too are having a ball, Alaska was simply out of this world, we have seen bald eagles, whales, grizzly bears, moose, caraboo and arctic fox,,,, and stunning stunning, stunning scenery.
    Previously I had said,, never again will I go on another cruise,,,,,, but this cruise, woww wee, it was absolutely fantastic, great service, fabulous ship with every convenience wanted or needed, great food, almost 5 star food, just fabulous. Also have had fabulous weather, in fact I managed to get sunburned.
    We are now in Vancouver, but leave here tomorrow to go down to Los Angeles Disneyland, to meet up with a the family there.
    Great to keep track of where you are and what your up to,,,
    Laurie and Frank

  3. Leigh.Staples

    Hi there happy campers, just back home Sunday evening from Whangamata, the weather was pretty good for this time of year too, shorts, T shirt and ‘thongs’ were the ‘rig of the day.’ They had a 50th wedding anniversary at the WHANGA Club 150 pers attending that – so we went down to Oceans Boat Club for dinner. Still the best place in town for some scran and a tot or two.

    Our daughter and family were at that same zoo in March this year, they talk about it a lot, had a fantastic time visiting it as it sounds like you did too.

    Whanga misses you, hopefully you have a screen saver of Whanga and Beach hop team.

    Keep the news flowing

    Yours aye Stapes & Jude

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