Relaxing at Evans Head

Isn’t it funny how often the little day by day decisions turn out to be some of the best decisions at the end of the day. Our visit to Evans Head was one of those times.

We departed Byron Bay last Sunday (27th) and made our way down the coast road through Suffolk Park, Lennox Head and to Ballina. We quite liked Ballina and nearly ended up staying there the night but as it was only about midday when we arrived, we decided to carry on a bit further south.

On leaving Ballina we were back on the Pacific Highway and we knew that the Evans Head turnoff was a further 50 km south along the Highway and then an additional 10km to the coast from the turnoff.  We had decided on Evans Head as our next overnight stop even tho’ we could not find any information on Evans Head itself. The only knowledge we had was verbal from other travellers. We figured that if we got to the Head and found it not to our liking, we could retrace our steps and try somewhere else.

View from Van

Evans Head River to the rivermouth from the door of the motorhome

We arrived at Evans Head at about 3pm on stunning Sunday afternoon, found a place to park on the edge of the Evan River and about 300 metres from the rivermouth. Three days later we are still here!!

Evans Head is midday way between the Broadwater National Park and the Bundjalung National Park so as you can imagine the bushland and beaches are pristine and free from the trappings of ‘highrise’ tourism. Evans Head township itself is about 500 metres from where we are camped and is about half the size of Whangamata.  If you are travelling through this part of the country, Evans Head is certainly worth a few days stopover.

While we are very tempted to stay a little longer, our journey must continue.

Our plan is to head back onto the Pacific Highway and travel further south tomorrow.  We have yet to determine where our next stopover will be but we have called a management meeting for this evening and over a glass of Pino Gris a decision will be made.

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5 thoughts on “Relaxing at Evans Head

  1. Penny Anderson

    Love it! So peaceful

  2. Len and sharyn

    Len spent his summer holidays as a kid at Evans Head!

  3. Renee

    Sounds awesome

  4. Hold on a minute team….looks a bit too much like WHANGAMATA to me!!! Very nice.

    • So much like it Leigh it felt like home !! Apart from the temperature of course. On the day of the picture it was 27 at Evans Head and 19 in Whanga.

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