Arrived Perth for Christmas

We departed Canberra airport at the ‘crack of dawn’ this morning on our journey to Perth for the Xmas break. Many thanks bro’ for the ride to the airport at such an unsocial hour – and Ali for letting you drive her new car.

We have two golden rules when undertaking air travel:

Rule 1. Never travel in the school holidays and

Rule 2. If you do, always travel business class or at least premium economy.

On our trip to Perth this morning, we broke both of them.

The consequence was that we were surrounded by families with young children. One wee lass who sat directly behind us, screamed from the time of her arrival on the aircraft until the time we got off – 3.75 hours!!! The little thing was still screaming as we exited the plane. We have yet to find a set of earphones that will drown out such noise. The temptation to have wine with our breakfast was almost too much.

However we are now in Perth and received a lovely whanau greeting on our arrival.  We are looking forward to spending the next few days socialising with family and friends in Western Australia.

Keep safe and we hope Santa is kind to you all.



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4 thoughts on “Arrived Perth for Christmas

  1. Wayne & Ali

    I guess those noise canceling headphones would have come in handy after all #1
    Glad you both made it over there in one piece. Will give you a ring Xmas day

  2. Com on Rod, Do not try to tell us that you have never started your day with breakfast as well as wine,,,, so why not on that trip, ha ha,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor wee mite, she was most likely as scared as – which is no consolation for the both of you.


  3. Sue Tucker

    Maybe a little brandy in the child’s milk could have been the treat…..just another of grannies remedies!!! Or even yours 🙂

    So pleased you are now with the Whanau for Christmas and New Year….give everyone my love and best wishes. Rob arrives home from London tomorrow and looking forward to our Christmas celebrations playing cricket on the beach at Maungawhai.

    I love your opening quote….a good one to take into the new year.

    Love to you all

    Sue xxxx

  4. Jan Wills

    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year you too – enjoy! Love to both – Jan and Don

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