Into the Fleurieu Peninsula

Our departure from Adelaide on Friday morning was slightly delayed as a decision was made that it would be a good idea if we ‘popped’ into the city to pick up some cheeses, vege’s and fruit from the Central Market.  It was a brilliant idea but to ensure we could get parking ‘somewhere’ around the market, it was a ‘crack of dawn’ start. We managed to get 2 hour parking about 10 minutes walk from the market so it was a leisurely ‘market’ breakfast, a bit of shopping and we were on our way.

As said in our last update, it was our intention to at least get to Victor Harbour on Friday but as we were travelling down the coast we came across a little area called Rapid Bay. Rapid Bay is the name of both a locality including a small seaside town and a small bay on the west coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. The township and bay are approximately 100 km south of Adelaide and is well known for its limestone quarry and its pair of jetties which are popular sites for recreational fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Campground @ Rapid Bay

Our Rapid Bay stopover – beautiful but to many ‘others’.

The stopover area was lovely and green and is obviously a popular spot for Adelaide families on weekends. When we arrived at 4pm there where about 10 vans stopping over. By 10pm Friday night that had increased to 40 motorhomes and caravans plus plenty of children and dogs. We decided to move on the next morning.

Saturday morning we continued down to the very tip of Peninsula to Cape Jervis. Cape Jervis is the point from which the vehicle ferry runs between the mainland and Kangaroo Island. We thought we might put the motorhome onto the ferry and spend two days on Island. However when we enquired as to the cost of getting the motorhome, jeep and ourselves across and back we were quoted A$739. As there was no free parking on Kangaroo Island we would still have been up for camp fees.

We asked the courageous question – “what was on Kangaroo Island that was worth A$739 that we had never seen before?” The response was ‘nothing’.  The decision was made – we never visited Kangaroo Island.

House @ Goolwa

A beautiful stone house at Goolwa. We love the Australian architecture.

On leaving Cape Jervis, we drove along Range Road at the bottom of the Peninsula to Goolwa where we planned to spend the rest of the day enjoying the wooden boat festival. When we arrived in Goolwa we thought the town seemed a wee bit quiet for a festival and on enquiring as to where the festival was being held, we were told the ‘local marina in 2015’. We were there on the correct date but the wrong year!!!!

Feeling a bit embarrassed by our ‘faux pas’, we decided to slink quietly out of town and find a place to stop for the night. We did not want to travel too far so drove to Port Elliot (about 20km away) and stayed the night at the local showground (our savior on many occasions around Australia). The caretaker (Bruce) was a lovely man and provided us with fresh water and power. What else does a traveller need?

This morning we drove back into Victor Harbour and spent a couple of hours at their local Sunday market. Nothing was purchased but it was relaxing walking around in the sunshine and watching the hustle and bustle of the market crowd.

Rod with his catch on the Murray

The Murray cod is still eluding the captain.

After the market it was on the road, driving north out of the Peninsula and following the Murray River. We don’t have any fixed plan at the moment, but tonight we are on the river near the little township of Mannum. A quite spot so we may end up staying here for two nights.

A management meeting has been called for tomorrow to decide where to from here.

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