In the Nitmiluk National Park

We have had a relaxing two days in this part of the Nitmulik National Park. We based ourselves around the Nitmulik Centre and have explored from there. To be honest, we haven’t felt too much like ‘taking to the hills’ as the daytime temperatures have been around 35C and with a relatively high humidity. Carrying water with you is the key to survival.

In the Nitmiluk National Park

Wandering around in the Nitmiluk National Park

The Nitmiluk National Park is 345km south-east of Darwin and 30km north-east of Katherine. According to the experts this is the best time of the year to visit the Park however they say the weather we are experiencing during our visit is strange for this time of year – the dry season. The Park lies at the junction of three geological sandstone plateau and was formed some 1400 million years ago. Monsoonal waters have eroded the sandstone over the last 20 million years creating the massive gorge and countless ravines. I know we have been banging on about this before, but scenery wise, this is a stunning piece of Australia. Visit here if you can.

Rod relaxing in the pool before the Snakes arrival

Rod relaxing in the pool before the snakes arrival. He was not this relaxed a few minutes later!!

We have ‘met’ numerous type of wildlife over the past two days – freshwater crocodile, flying fox, a broad variety of birdlife and wallaby to name a few. We had a close encounter with a snake this afternoon when it swam into the pool to cool off.  We have never seen a swimming pool clear so quickly (that includes ourselves).

We depart Nitmiluk Central tomorrow and make our way further north to Leliyn (Edith Falls). Located within Nitmiluk National Park, Edith Falls are made up of a number of falls and rock pools. Other travellers tell us the area is very popular and is visited for its wildlife, beauty and scenic views around the Edith River. There are various walking tracks with a number of fresh water pools to cool off in during the walk.

Our plan is to stay at the Falls on Wednesday and Thursday and carry on further north on Friday.

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