Australia Holiday Opportunity

In reading our blog you would have heard us mention our travels with an Australian couple, Bruce and Lyn, who we met at the start of our adventure while travelling Queensland. We have caught up every few months or so as our paths cross around the country. A week or so ago while we were in Broome they suggested that they would like to come to New Zealand and undertake a motorhome adventure around our country. We jumped at the chance to return their hospitality and offered to show them around.

They have asked if we could enquire whether anyone reading our blog would be interested in a motorhome exchange opportunity. The loose plan is that they would like to arrive in New Zealand between Xmas and New Year 2015 and return home mid April 2016. Bruce and Lyn own a one year old 7 metre Jayco Conquest Tourer and would like to exchange with something similar in New Zealand. They are experienced motorhomers and are near completing a safe and ‘no accident’ tour around Australia. Their preference is that their motorhome would be uplifted from Brisbane or North Queensland and it would be perfect if your motorhome was in Auckland or somewhere close.

If you were not in the mood for a motorhome holiday in Australia, they would consider exchanging their home in Bargara for your motorhome in New Zealand for the same period. Bruce and Lyn have a substantial home in Bargara , North Queensland. Bargara is 8km from Bundaburg, a short drive to Hervey Bay and access to Fraser Island and a pleasant drive down the coast to Gympie or Noosa Heads. They have an animal free house so there would be no ‘farming’ responsibilities.

Technicalities such as insurances and who meets what costs etc can be part of the overall arrangement and dealt with as the relationship is secured. Their goal is to make the exchange as easy as possible for both parties.

They appreciate that this information is for an adventure that is a year or so away but again, success is all in the planning. If you have any interest in pursuing such an arrangement, please email us at and we will make the introductions.


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