Taupo Bay

Rod at MangonuiWe decided to depart Maitai Bay a day earlier than planned for no other reason other than we had done the walks and cycle rides available and the fishing was very average. On our first night there the Bay was host to a school of stingray. I am not sure what they were eating but they were coming within 2 metres of the beach to get it. On the second night we had schools of very small kahawai in the waves. There was nothing that would jump onto the hook.

The weather continues to be stunning. We have had to be quite liberal with the sun screen on this journey. Since our leaving home some eighteen days ago, we have only had one day of very light rain.

Taupo Bay was our next planned stop. Although the distance between Maitai Bay and Taupo Bay is not that far (about 70km), it took us all day to make the journey.  The road around Doubtless Bay is dotted with small seaside villages all worthy of a stop off.  Our stops included Whatuwhiwhi, Tokerau Beach, Taipa, CABLE BAY, Coopers Beach and Mangonui.

The standout for us was MANGONUI. It is a brilliant small harbour town with everything going for it. We visited a local art and craft shop that was owned by a guy from Manchester in the UK. He came here on holiday on 1990, drove into Mangonui and never left. It’s that sort of place. Mangonui is supposed to have the best fish and chip shop in the country. We of course had to sample their fare. The pundits were correct – it was great.

Those of you who know me well are very aware of the incidents that happen to me on my adventures. This journey has been no different. Dearne was instructed to put together a comprehensive first aid kit prior to our leaving. She followed the instruction and to date I am the only one who has used it (consistently). We are always plastering over some type of bodily damage!!

We are now at TAUPO BAY and will probably stay until Thursday. Not sure where to after that but we will enjoy our new spot until then. Catch you all later.

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4 thoughts on “Taupo Bay

  1. Dodger

    Rodders sounds like your both have a lot of fun mate — enjoy your new freedom :-} …. I think you can get a video on the correct way to use a fishing rod too hehe — Dodger

  2. Lawrence

    Agree just love the Fish and chips at Manganui always wrapped in newsprint

  3. Jude Loza

    Rod….its called AGE! Bumps and bruises, trips, slips and falls. You must have seen all the advertising!!

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