At Tauranga Bay

Tauranga Bay (1)New Zealand is a very small country. While staying at Taupo Bay we met up with another couple from Whangamata who were holidaying in their caravan and two other couples from Taranaki in motorhomes who were both distant relatives on Rod’s mum’s side. 5 o’clockers was very ‘chirpy’.

We headed out of Taupo Bay this morning not quite sure which direction we were going to take. After a bit of a discussion we came to the conclusion that we needed a few groceries and the closest town with a ‘4 Square’ was Kaeo.  Decision made.

With the supplies put away it was ‘where to now?’.  One of the couples last night suggested we should have a look at Tauranga Bay as they had stayed there the night before and thought it was beautiful.  So here we are – parked up in Tauranga Bay, right on the beach.

When we arrived we found the Navy Dive team were here training.  We introduced ourselves and soon had a few of the boys in the van sitting around having a chat. I think Rod has an ulterior motive tho’.  He figures ‘Navy divers mean crayfish, fish etc’. I do note that more liquid refreshment has gone into both refrigerators and the wind is still blowing the wrong way for ‘Wilson’, the fishing kite.

With the Navy boys in town, I am pretty sure we are going to be here until the weekend at least.

We bought tickets the other day to the Kerikeri Ocean and Orchard Wine and Food Festival on Saturday 23 February 2013. Our good friends Steve and Claire are making the journey to the event in their motorhome so if anyone else plans to attend, please give us a call and we can catch up.

Where to from here?  Who knows – we will keep you updated.

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2 thoughts on “At Tauranga Bay

  1. Dale

    Hi guys, trust you to run into Navy divers!! Hope they do bring you crayfish tho. I’m off to Napier to Mission concert on 23rd so will have a wine for you there as well. Enjoy.

    • Enjoy the concert Dale and I hope the weather is fine for you. If you run into our friend Julie when you a there, give her a big hug from me. Dearne

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