At Waitangi and Paihia

Rod at Waitangi Treaty HouseWe departed Tauranga Bay yesterday morning with our fridge and freezer much healthier in terms of fish stock. The Navy Diving team were super hosts and generous to the core.  Many thanks for your hospitality guys – we both enjoyed meeting with you all.

As usual we did not have a clear plan on leaving Tauranga Bay apart from the need to stock up on a few groceries. In the end we decided to head directly for Kerikeri for an additional couple of reasons. I have an uncle and aunt living there who I wanted to catch up with and Dearne wanted to book into a beauty shop to get a few ‘bits and bobs’ sorted when we get back into Kerikeri next weekend. We managed to get all the tasks completed.  It was great catching up with Des and Liz again. We are heading back to their place and staying overnight on Thursday so it will be a great family get together.

For the Navy (and ex Navy) people following the blog, I was in Countdown in Kerikeri  yesterday topping up the wine cabinet and ran across Dennis Potter , ex Chef and Diver. Dennis manages the liquor section of Countdown.  Good to see him after all these years.

Paihia Harbour

On leaving Kerikeri we decided to head for WAITANGI and PAIHIA for a few days. The weather again has been stunning and of course it is beautiful up here.  For those of you who know me well will not be surprised that I made my ‘first ever’ visit to the Waitangi meeting ground and meeting house today.  I managed to avoid any participation in our ‘Unity Day’ whilst serving. My personal philosophy of ‘you should learn from the past, not live it’ still stands however I must admit I was impressed with the effort that must go in to making the place a world class stage.

Our plan is to stay here until tomorrow (Monday) then head around to Russell and the Cape Brett area until Thursday. All is going very well.  We have had no problems with the motorhome and we are both in good health. See y’all.

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