A Weekend in Raglan

We had only been home a week and the feet started itching again. We are finding it hard to stop exploring when we are enjoying it so much.

Raglan Harbour

Raglan Harbour

We decided to head away to Raglan for the weekend. Situated on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Raglan is just a 45-minute drive west of Hamilton or about three hours from Whangamata.  Raglan is fast becoming a top holiday destination both for New Zealanders and international visitors.Raglan is a surfing mecca for wave riders, with three world-class point breaks. Manu Bay is said to offer the longest left hand rides on the planet and featured in Bruce Brown’s 1964 classic surf film The Endless Summer. Further along the coastline sit the breaks of Whale Bay and Indicators. For the less experienced head to Ngaranui Beach. I was hoping to get a bit of long line fishing in here over the weekend but unfortunately the wind worked against me.

Raglan Hotel

Raglan Hotel

Raglan is also the home to a large number of talented and creative artists – right up Dearne’s tree – original art, photography, pottery, traditional weaving, stone carving and jewellery to pass away a pleasant afternoon. We wandered into town this morning for a coffee then I left her to it for the day.If the weather forecasters have got it correct, we are in for rain tomorrow. Based on their advice we are all backed up tonight ready for the dumping should it arrive!!!!

We intend getting away early in the morning and head back home for BeachHop week. Dearne and I have a bigger involvement this year. We have ‘rock and roll’ night on Tuesday night at the local club- we only know six r’and r’ steps so we will do them to death over the weekend. On Wednesday we are manning the Sony (a Beach Hop sponsor) stand in Waihi, Thursday most of our house guests arrive for the weekend and Friday we are manning the Sony stand again in Onemana. When we are finished at Onemana its kick back and enjoy the weekend’s entertainment. People ask me how I fill my day in ‘retirement’ – my response always – “by enjoying myself”.

We will update the blog with a few shots after Beach Hop.

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