Beach Hop 2013 – Whangamata

Dearne's Toy

Dearne’s Toy

As BeachHop weekend comes to a close we can only sit back and wonder how we survived the five days. The weather was warm and brilliantly fine each day and we heard that the weekend was attended by some 80,000 people.

For Rod and I our weekend started last Tuesday with rock and roll night. We then assisted the festival organisers with the setting up of trade shows and traffic control on Wednesday and Friday. The remainder of the weekend was ours to play. Our house guests arrived on the Thursday and on Friday afternoon to get the weekend started for them we had them in town taking part in rock and roll lessons.

There were eight or so venues around the town with each venue having its own band and bar facility so overcrowding was never really an issue. The classic cars, hot rods and motorcycles were fantastic.  There were several vehicle parades over the five days so everyone had ample opportunity to get up close to their favourite entry.

We tried to ascertain how much money we thought was tied up in the vehicles cruising around town.  We made a conservative guess of $40M to $50M but I think we were probably way off the mark. It would have been more than that. I had to take Rod’s Visa card off him over the weekend just to ensure no unapproved purchases were made!!


L to R rear: Dearne, Sharon, Barry
L to R front: Len, Craig

However in saying that I would be more than happy if he decided to sell the Harley and get onto four wheels. I always get a little nervous when he’s been gone too long.

Our visitors all left at various time today and we are now sitting back and enjoying the last of the weekend. Thanks guys to coming to our town and supporting the main event for the year.  Without visitors the ‘Hop’ would not happen.

We are away to Melbourne on Thursday to attend the ‘Long Time No Sea’ Navy Reunion over Easter.  There are quite a few of us going over from New Zealand and we are both looking forward to catching up with everyone over there.  I will let you know how it goes.

For more photographs of the weekend, click HERE

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One thought on “Beach Hop 2013 – Whangamata

  1. Barry

    Again a GREAT weekend. THANKS Dearne and Rod

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