Our Australia Adventure Begins

All the planning of the past 18 months has finally come to fruition. We are in Australia and ready to start our journey.

It was a ‘crack of dawn’ start this morning with a 4am get up and a 6.30am flight to Brisbane. We had set “two” alarms this morning just to ensure we did not start our adventure by missing the flight!!

We arrived in Brisbane at about 9.30am this morning to a brilliantly fine day and a temperature of about 22 degrees.  We made our way into Brisbane City and our hotel for the night.  We are staying at the Ibis as it is centrally located and convenient for us to get the ‘first day’ things done.

We now have a month by month contract with Telstra so we have a mobile phone and a data connection.  Telecommunications companies have great deals over here – our lot at home could certainly do with a bit of ‘real’ competition. Our new telephone number can be found on the “Contact” page of the blog.  Our email address is unchanged.

The motorhome arrives in Brisbane on the 22 June and we are hoping we will not have to wait too long before it gets a Customs clearance and we can get on the road. In the meantime, we have a few spare days to do all the grocery shopping etc in our preparation for our departure from Brisbane. Our plan is to head north for the rest of the winter and start heading back into New South Wales and Victoria for the summer. We will be keeping you informed of our progress.

It has been a long day so we are relaxing with a vino and a duty free rum and coke.

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13 thoughts on “Our Australia Adventure Begins

  1. Pleased to see you’ve arrived safely. Looking forward to seeing the chaos you’re going to create. Take care.

  2. John Bullock

    Good Luck with your latest adventure. It should be a wonderful experience ,… have a safe journey!

  3. Wayne & Ali

    Glad to hear you’re finally this side of the pond. Have a great few months up the top end. We’re certainly looking forward to catching up once you decide to come further south. I’ll prime the boat in preparation for many a day on the briny later in the year.


  4. Jude Loza

    Welcome to the home of kangaroos, snakes and Ozzies!! The first two arent as scary as the last! We will look forward to following your travels around Oz and seeing you in our part of the world sometime xx

  5. Dodger

    Rod glad to hear your safely there, I arrive in Brisbane on the 22nd to play at the Aussie steel show so I will give you a bell when I get in mate … might be a chance to catch up — I head home again on the monday night 24th ….I’m playing at the Geebung-Zilmere RSL but I have no bloody idea where that is in relation to where you will be hehe …anyway I will give you a call on your new aussie number mate

    cheers Dodger

  6. Lew Goble

    Good luck to you both on what will be the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy every moment and safe journey. Look forward to the blogs. Lew & Caroline

  7. Jo

    Welcome to Ozz!!, wishing you both safe travels and look fwd to your up dates. Just a word on the telecomunications just check your accounts we had a terrible time with telstra. email me your ozz ph n.o so we can have a catch up. xx Jo

  8. Penny Anderson

    Awesome! Can’t wait to follow your journey. By staying north for winter, are you heading to Northern Territory?

  9. Lawrence Barker

    Enjoy Australia Rod and Dearne, Hopefully we may catch up with you both
    on the Gold Coast

  10. Harry Parker

    Rod and Dearne welcome to the lucky country. We are looking forward to hearing about your new adventures and catching up with you later this year. Cheers Harry & Jane

  11. Karyn Allen

    Glad to see you made it safely, have a wonderful journey and i will be keeping an eye on ya travels, have fun and take care

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