More at Brisbane


Dearne and the new Jimny

Our second day at Brisbane and much has been achieved.  We spent our second night in the ‘lucky land’ with friends John and Donna in a suburb north of Brisbane called Warner.  A great little area and great hospitality.  It was at John and Donna’s that we picked up our little Suzuki jeep. Again John many thanks again for all your help with this – she’s a great little vehicle.

Gee they love the ‘paper work’ in Australia. On Wednesday afternoon we went down to the local government Transport office to formally register the jeep in our name. Our first error was fronting to the counter ‘without a number’. Crime of the century!!!  It was very much like ordering fish and chips in NZ  – “number 72 your order is ready”!.  We were dispatched from the office with four separate forms to complete to make ownership change.  The process could not be completed on line as in New Zealand. We returned this morning with the forms completed and after 30 or so minutes, the vehicle was in our name. The change of ownership cost $170. In a missionary sort of way there are still a few things ‘they’ can learn from us!.

We have had a minor set back in our travel plans in that the ship from NZ to Brisbane with our motorhome has been delayed by four days.  Luckily, and with the help of our friend Dale Gaskin in Tauranga, we have managed to score a house minding role in an area north of Brisbane called Narangba. The house belongs to Dale’s brother and sister-in-law Wayne and Deb Gaskin and comes with very affectionate cats. Thanks guys – your offer is greatly appreciated and the cats love us already.

Where to from here? We intend to spend the time until our motorhome can be collected from the port exploring the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast area. We have no plan and will go where the little jeep takes us.

In watching the News tonight I can see that the weather over here is somewhat better than you are experiencing in New Zealand. Take care back home and you are all in our thoughts daily.

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3 thoughts on “More at Brisbane

  1. Judy

    Glad to hear you made the trip safely and on time. What an adventure you have ahead of you. Sounds fantastic. I look forward to your updates and I enjoy reading everyone’s comments. I love the way you people talk and word things.

    Thank you for letting me visit Australia with you. This may be the only way I will be able to get there since Dave is not real keen on that long of a flight.

    Have fun.

    Judy and Dave

  2. Tina

    Hi there Nana and Poppa. It is good that you are having a good trip even though your trip is not going as you planed it! The jeep is really cool and I am glad you are having the time of your life in Australia. Has It been hot over there? In Auckland it has been really rainy we have had thunder and lots of lighting and heaps of hail. We are doing a show at school called Aladin. We got a script that we had to practice every night.I am one of Aladins friends called Hassin. We are going to preform our act on the stage. I miss you lots and lots and I hope you are having lots of fun.

    Love from Jeshua

    • Hi Jesh – thanks for the note. All is going well over here. We are having a great time. Just home (11.30pm) after a night with friends at the local RSL. Good luck with the show. Give Poppa a yell if you want him to be the ‘genie’!!! He is always good for a trick or two.

      Take care mate

      Love Nana and Poppa


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