Arrived Hervey Bay, Queensland

Just to quick update to let you know that it was an uneventful journey from Sunshine Beach to Hervey Bay, arriving here late yesterday afternoon. We did however experience our first encounter with the RED DUST. Part way through the trip we had light rain and unfortunately the road that we were on was also the favourite for logging trucks working the area. With the rain, the passing trucks and the red dust on the road from the forests, both the motorhome and the jeep had a change of colour. Even Dearne couldn’t stand the state of both vehicles so as soon as we were parked up, she washed both down.  More of this to come I think.

Me & the Herbs

Dearne tending her new herb garden

One of the things that Dearne has missed in the short time we have been away is her potted plants and garden. As you can imagine it’s an issue not easily resolved travelling in a motorhome.  However, problems are only problems when you do nothing about them so I went out and purchased her a ‘hanging herb garden’. She loves it. The herb pots are stored in the stairwell when we travel so all is now good.

We are here now until next Wednesday so will update the blog again when we have experienced some of the region.

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2 thoughts on “Arrived Hervey Bay, Queensland

  1. Dale

    Hi guys, love the ‘Mobile Garden’. Clever clogs Rod.

  2. Leigh.Staples

    Hi Dearne & Rod, sounds like all is going well with the travel life, the red dust sounds a worry though? I see in the photo they have grass over there too…..5 degrees here in AKL today and more predicted for the week….I see Thames prediction is 1 degree tonight….could be some frost on the ground in WHANGA I think. School holidays on at present. Good to read all your news..yours aye Stapes.

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