Arrived Safely in Bundaberg

Backpackers Hotel Childers

The New Palace, Childers, Queensland

It was an uneventful drive from Hervey Bay to Bundaberg today although we did spend some time on the journey to visit Childers – another place we had on our ‘must see’ list.  Childers is the town where on 23 June 2000, an arsonist (he received a 25 year prison sentence for deliberately setting the fire) set fire to the Palace Backpackers Hostel that took the lives of 15 backpackers sleeping in the hostel.

Since the fire, the Palace has been rebuilt and the upstairs is now a memorial to the backpackers who lost their lives.  The memorial consists of a glass wall, 7.7 metres long and 2.7 metres high. Within the wall are 15 separate ‘3D memory boxes’ that contain photographs that reveal the story of each of the deceased persons life with latest photographs in the front and early or childhood pictures in the rear. It is a sombre place but a fitting memorial to the tragedy. We are glad we took the time.

A new 115 bed backpacker hostel has been constructed directly behind the new Palace.  There is always plenty of work in the Bundaberg area agricultural industry for travellers.

We are now tucked into our spot in Bundaberg and just about to have a wee Pino before cranking up the bar b que for dinner. The weather is not that smart but it’s good enough. It is 5pm, cloudy but the thermometer in the van is saying 23 degs.

Our big visit tomorrow is to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery – but you all knew ‘we’ would end up there. Rod’s not to keen on Bundy Rum but apparently they do a great Bundy Liqueur. I am sure you will be informed.

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6 thoughts on “Arrived Safely in Bundaberg

  1. Wayne & Ali

    A quick taste of either Bundy Red or Black could change your mind Rod

  2. sandywren

    Great, you are making good time north. Which camp ground are you in? I can then check our notes and see if it is the same (we are after all living this all again through your eyes)….. bringing back some great memories. Hope you managed to get the leak issue fixed – one small blessing out of it – it happened in an area where it is reasonably populated meaning you have access to anything being repaired/sourced/purchased etc. Won’t always be like that but with 40% more people on the road than when we were doing it things may have changed dramatically over WA/NT. Dearne, have you found the patchwork stores yet as you go through small towns? Not that I am encouraging you or anything (not half)! We didn’t do the Bundaberg distillery – we saved it for the Hoochery in Kunnanurra, but sure you will do the RNZN proud when you “check out” the products. So pleased you are meeting some lovely like minded folks – incredible isn’t it the number of people on the road doing same. Keep well and safe Roy and Sandy XX

  3. Penny Anderson

    Look forward to your report Rod!

  4. Louise Woods

    Bundy & coke? Why yes please! Enjoying all your posts, seems so far you’re doing your list! Keep having fun! x

  5. Dodger

    Yes you couldn’t possibly visit Bundaberg without having a Rumbo or 3 … I’m sure you will find one that suits your palate Rodders :-}

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