Last Day in Bundaberg

Another two and a half day stopover and each day has been frantic. We are still in that frame of mind where we acknowledge, that relatively speaking, our visit to Australia is only for a short time and we feel we must see everything in that time.  I feel a ‘strategy meeting’ coming on so as a realistic slant can be put on our journey.

Rod @ the Bundy Distallery

Rod at the Rum Distillery and still upright

We did the visit to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery yesterday.  It was a very interesting morning that ended at the Distillery’s bar.  As you know I am not a huge fan of Bundy rum however I did take a fancy to their new Dark Oak rum. It tasted very much like Navy rum but at A$90 per bottle it remained on the shelf. We came away with a delicious bottle of Bundy Rum Liqueur.

A couple of interesting facts for you

1.  The Distillery has been producing rum products since 1888.

2. Australia consumes 96 percent of the Distillery’s production. 3 percent is consumed by New Zealand and the other 1 percent by the rest of the world.

3. The Distillery produces 22 million litres of rum annually. It is matured at 78% ALC/VOL in 75,000 litre Oak vats.


Rod with the ‘birds’

We decided to do a ‘roady’ today and visit some of the areas ‘top spots’. We ended up this morning just north of Childers at the Flying High Bird Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is Australia’s largest walk through aviary covering nearly two acres and with a height of over seven metres. There is approximately half a kilometre of walking track and the aviary houses over 3000 birds.  While a majority of the birds fly free, there are some species that are incompatible with other birds (and tourists) and they are housed separately.  Many of the birds land on you at will. More photos of our visit can be seen HERE .

From the Sanctuary we head back north and visited Burnett Heads and the port area. Rod said he had visited Bundaberg on one of the ships he was on many years ago but he did not remember ‘any’ of the scenery around the port. His explanation was that fog must have set in that day. We were going to head over the Mon Repos Beach to have a look at the turtle rookery but unfortunately it’s the wrong time of year so we gave that a miss. We visited are few other local attractions such as the Bundaberg Ginger Beer Distillery and the sugar cane farms.

For the cooks amongst you, we did our fruit and vege shopping today for next week at one of the roadside stalls. Our purchases cost us the princely sum of $6.50. Eating healthily over here is very easy and cheap.

me @ the bike

Dearne on her new electric bike

Many of the motorhomers and caravaners over here either carry the standard bicycle or a battery-powered bicycle to get around local shops etc.  You guessed it – Dearne is now in possession of a battery-powered bicycle. Top speed of 26kph with a maximum range of approximately 40km. What could possibly go wrong!!

We are heading further north tomorrow but again we have no firm plan of where we will stop for the night.  Our current thinking is that we may have to start getting as far north as we can over the next month so that when we do the turn around to head back south into NSW and Victoria for the summer, we will have more time to take in the country.  Our return trip is going to be inland rather than coastal.

We have been in Australia one month yesterday and all is going well.

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5 thoughts on “Last Day in Bundaberg

  1. Len and sharyn

    Rod love the s Hirt! Dearne I am so jealous of bike! I want one

  2. Len and sharyn

    I meant. Shirt not s Hirt!!!!!

  3. hey mate, at the ginger factory, did you meet nichole? she usually shows visitors around…she used to work with me at the mitchell sawmill.
    cant wait till ya come out west here, we have parrots flying free here, and we feed all manner of birds, it’s lovely watching them get on good together at the feeder\

  4. Penny Anderson

    Hope Perth for Xmas is still on the cards!!

  5. Leigh.Staples

    Sure sounds like you had a great time at bundy team, that photo shot of the OWL is awesome. The battery powered bike is cool, I guess we will see that zipping around Whanga when you return home ‘one day’ – I guess you watched the Crusaders hammer the Reds last night 38 – 9. The Crusaders are looking sharp. – Stapes

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