The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

Our visit to Toowoomba has been very pleasant. While the point of our being here was to attend the festival, we were also able to enjoy many other aspects of the region. The city has approximately 130,000 people, is 700 metres above sea level and our temperature today is about 25 deg C.  It is also the sister city of our own Wanganui (or Whanganui depending on your ‘bent’).

flowers 3

An example of the flowers on show

If you enjoy good wine, good food, being entertained and appreciate the effort that goes in to preparing fantastic gardens and floral displays, make a point of putting the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers on your bucket list. It is a vibrant agricultural area of Australia that deserves your attendance. We believe next years Carnival is being between Friday 19 September to Sunday 28 September 2014.

When we arrived on Friday we settled into our site at the city’s showground then headed off in the jeep to have a look around. Again the GPS is a godsend in these situations. We managed to work out the directions to get to town (the showground was 10km away from the central city), sorted out where we need to be on Saturday to attend the festivities and we had a bit of time left over to have a look around the local sites.

The Parade 1

A parade float

On Saturday we left the motorhome at around 9am in the morning and made our way into city for the day’s entertainment.  There was plenty to do if you wanted to get around – markets, live bands, classic car displays, gardens to visit, floral displays, art exhibitions, wine tasting, locally grown food stalls and so on. The highlight of the day was the Grand Central Parade through the main street that to took some 90 minutes to complete. It was great to see that most businesses in the city took part in some way and a big emphasis was placed on children and community group’s participation.

We had a brilliant but very long day and are glad we made the effort to be here. There was stunning displays at the event that our photographs do not do justice. Have a look at the few more shots of our visit HERE .

We leave Toowoomba this afternoon on the next leg of our journey. We have decided to drive south towards Warwick and explore around that area.  Again, if you cannot get hold of us or hear nothing from us, we will have no communication. Last week we had nothing for the whole week so it is best we have no expectation.

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2 thoughts on “The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

  1. Hi team, looks like SPRING is in full bloom where you are, Dearne in her Number One’s there I see.
    We have had 3 weeks of spring thunder storms, rain over the last 3 weeks, D.L.S just a week away. We haven’t been down to WHANGA for 3 weeks now but will be this weekend and the following is BRITZ WEEKEND which is sure to be a good one……keep enjoying your travels and hopefully tomorrow you will be able to celebrate the AMERICAS CUP coming back to NZ….it’s been a stressfull and nail biting experience since TEAM NZ got to 8 and match point…surely they can win ONE race before ORACLE to go 9. Go the KIWIS….Stapes & Jude

  2. Laurie Rands

    Love the photos of the parade and flowers,, looks grand,, if your still over on that side of the Tasman this time next year, and your on the eastern side of Aussie, then you must also try to get to Floriade in Canberra. It is held in Canberra around this time each year, and is absolutely the best, and certainly worth a few days visit to the ACT. A magnificent display of flowers,as well as many functions and happenings.
    Enjoying reading your blog, and following your trip.

    I went down to Paeroa last week with 10 girls, went and did the Hauraki Rail Bike Trail, really lovely, but will be even better when it is extended, will end up being a three day cycle trip, which will be lovely.
    Keep enjoying….

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