Departing Darwin Tomorrow

Our return journey to Darwin on Wednesday night was long and tedious. We will never fly Jetstar again. While other airlines may cost a dollar or two more, at least they leave close to the advertised departure time!!

Once landed in Darwin, we then had a forty kilometre drive to our motorhome at Humpty Doo. On arrival at about 6am we decided to leave everything in the jeep and jump into bed for an hour or so’s sleep. Five hours later the people on the property next door moving their farm vehicles around jolted us awake. The rest of the day was very slow and not much was achieved really.

The motorhome went in for her service yesterday and came out with flying colours. We treat her like a princess really so we were not expecting too much to be amiss. Since we are living in the vehicle everyday, you get a sense of what might not be going too well. She is not due for the next service until we are back in New Zealand early next year.

While the navigator went off to do a bit of retail therapy yesterday, the captain made a visit to the Darwin Military Museum. The exhibition space concentrates primarily on the bombing of Darwin on 19 February 1942 but includes the activities leading up to the day and the consequences of the event. He spent a couple of hours there and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Even while living in quarters, we still manage to maintain our own interests.

It is our last day in Darwin today so we have used the last few days to restock the motorhome and to make sure we have seen as much of Darwin as we wanted to. You know you have been in a place too long when you don’t need the GPS to get your around anymore. Our plan is to depart here mid morning tomorrow and make our way to the Mary River in the Kakadu National Park – the start of our Kakadu adventure. Apparently the Mary River region has the highest concentration of crocodiles in the world. We doubt we will be needing our swimming togs!!!

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3 thoughts on “Departing Darwin Tomorrow

  1. Wayne Montgomery and Liz Claridge

    Hope your “Bali Belly” has subsided and you enjoy your “Kakadu” adventure . Enjoy following your Blogs as you continue on your travels. It is giving Liz and I ideas for our future travels in Aussie.
    Lovely day here in Whangamata today but we have had some heavy rain during the week.
    Safe travels and watch those croc’s unless it’s a handbag.
    Wayne and Liz

  2. Lenny and Trish Belcher

    Hi there Rod&Dearne..We are new to your blog. My sister-in-law Sharyn Kilgour, my brother is Len Kilgour, sent us your blog. We are originally from the Gold Coast, sold everything in 2007 and have been travelling this great country of ours ever since. I must say we don’t travel toooo fast!! Though we do have the odd side trip when we go back to the Gold Coast each year and a trip to N.Z. about every second year. We are currently in the central wheatbelt area in W.A. Camped on a property. About 250km north-east of Perth. So you must contact us when you are over this way and we can meet you. We are also off to Bali on 8th July for 8 days..we read your blog with interest. We had 18th months in the territory and yes, the Mary River is full, chockas, with crocs. You certainly won’t need your togs. Have a great time, love reading about your adventures. Lenny and Trish

  3. Shana

    oh no! Next time you’ll have to take some red cordial! You have a wee swig of that everyday while in Bali and you’re almost guaranteed to miss it. Any red cordial, it’s supposed to be the ingredient in there that keeps it away. I always take hydration tablets everyday in Bali too! Love ya and see yas soon! xxx

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