Arrived Kununurra

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle from our camping spot

Isn’t it funny how an ‘out of the way’ night stop offers the most in entertainment. Our park up at Timber Creek was one of those. We were directly behind the local hotel and only metres from a small stream. At 5pm one of the hotel employees bought a bucket of meat outside and started feeding the local falcon (kite) population and the crocodiles in the stream. We spent a brilliant hour watching the birds diving out of the sky and picking up the food that was being thrown into the air and the crocs certainly knew it was 5 o’clock – they were ready for their daily meal.

On Saturday morning we continued our journey westward passing through the quarantine checkpoint to Western Australia. We were well versed on what we could and could not take into Western Australia so we had no problems. After the checkpoint we made our way to Lake Argyle, our Saturday night stop.

Dearne posing at Lake Argyle

Dearne ‘posing’ at the infinity pool at Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is one of Western Australia’s most spectacular attractions. The Lake has a surface area of 1000 square kilometres and a shoreline stretching 900 kilometres. The Lake is also home to some 30,000 freshwater crocodiles. We had only planned to stay one night which was just as well – the camping area was like caravan/tent city – hundreds of them. While it was a stunning area to visit, the one night was enough. Too many people, too many dogs and lots of kids on holiday.

Saturday night for us was a biggie as we were able to celebrate the birth of grandchild number six, Mia Ruby Elizabeth, 7lb 5oz to our daughter Tiffany and partner Charles. We are a very excited family as this is our first granddaughter. Nana is flying to Perth on Tuesday to introduce herself to the new arrival while Poppa will be left in Kununurra to guard the motorhome. What could possibly go wrong!!!


Welcome to our world Mia Ruby Elizabeth – we love you xxx

We arrived in Kununurra at around midday today. Kununurra is the gateway to Western Australia and the Kimberly region. The town is one of the youngest in Western Australia and was developed through the construction of the Ord Irrigation system. The main feature of Kununurra is its extensive waterway systems. The Captain seems quite relaxed about spending a week or so on his own in this part of Australia.

Most of you will know we have had both houses in Whangamata on the market for about 2 years now. We have seen very little action in that time but as always happens, its either a feast or a famine, both houses sold last month. We are now homeless.  We flew home for four days about two weeks ago to pack the houses up and put everything in storage.

We have decided to stay in Whanga and are now trying to firm up on another house down there. We have had our eye on one for a while now so will let you know how the bartering goes. We will let you know our new address when we have one.

We are looking forward to our time in this part of Australia. There is lots to see and experience.

A message for Roy: The Captain intends taking himself off to the Hoochery while the Navigator is in Perth. I am sure he will not be disappointed.

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5 thoughts on “Arrived Kununurra

  1. Len and sharyn

    Congratulations to all in Perth and the travellers on new granddaughter

  2. So Mia has joined the world,, she looks lovely, congratulations to all of you. How nice to have a wee granddaughter, this will mean a change to the dynamics, a beautiful change!!!! Enjoy the cuddles Dearne.

  3. John Bullock

    If you are the Navigator Dearne, then how many times have you been lost thus far? Is your van called “WHEREAMI” or do you use excuses like “the GPS is playing up”?

  4. Barbara

    Congratulations – a granddaughter at last! Can I see a look of Josh in that photo?

  5. Karyn Allen

    Hello my friends, looks like you still having a blast, what an experience beautiful places you have been to……and meeting up with Woolif OMG who would of thought, good times, have fun and stay safe……sooo jealous haha xoxoxo

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