Keeping myself busy in Kununurra

While Dearne has been away in Perth I have been keeping myself busy with a variety of domestic tasks and ‘getting to know’ the area adventures. I would have to say the motorhome is looking pretty smart at the moment.

Rod on the Air Boat

Rod on the airboat before his adventure up the Ord River

About 2km from town in the Mirima National Park there is an area called Hidden Valley. The Valley contains some brilliant walking trails and some stunning rock formations. As I discovered, the rocks are vividly coloured with red and black layers as a result of millions of years of mountain building. I hate to compare our two countries but I have to admit that the history we are seeing here is amazing. I am reluctant to mention the wee walk I took yesterday when my ‘in head’ GPS malfunctioned and I had to ask for directions back to the jeep. For some of you this will come as no surprise but for others you will recognise the age ‘thingy’.

On Friday I took myself off to the Zebra Rock Gallery. We are trying to find a bit of artwork we can take home that will signify our Australian journey. Nothing is settled on yet. Situated on a mango plantation on the banks of the Ord River, the Gallery is some 16km west of Kununurra. Zebra rock is so called because of its distinctive reddish-brown and white-banded sedimentary rock from the eastern Kimberly. The rock was formed some 670 million years ago with some rock seams continuing over many kilometres. The rock has been developed into a variety of stunning artwork.

The courageous question – did I purchase an artwork? No. I shall wisely await the return of the Navigator before doing anything so bold.

I took a drive up to Kelly’s Knob yesterday (someone could have thought of a better name!!). The highpoint houses the telephone and television transmitters and storage tanks for the towns water supply. A lookout on the “Knob” provides a brilliant view of the town and the Ord River. They say that it is a great view at sunset but I did not dally that long.

I ticked another ‘must do’ adventure off my bucket list today. I went for a cruise down the lower Ord River on a purpose built airboat. I have always wanted to ride one of these. The airboat was approximately 8 metres in length, it had a 502 Chevrolet V8 engine perched on the back which was attached to three 82in air blades that drove the boat along at about 70kph.

Sunset tonight from the motorhome

The end of my day today – a brilliant sunset and a quiet rum and coke at the motorhome.

The boat had amazing capabilities. We were gliding through the shallows over rocks and mud banks that would stop any other boat. We cruised the floodplains, the wetlands and mangroves that support a variety of wildlife and diverse plant life. The biggest croc we saw on our journey was about 4 metres long. He wasn’t vaguely interested in the boat even tho’ we were only a few metres away from him.

My opinion – the boat seemed to behave similarly to a jet boat i.e. it floated across the water rather than drove through it. The ride was very smooth and for the most, staying dry was no problem. Ear defenders were a must but otherwise, it was an exhilarating experience.

Tomorrow the plan is to take in the Kununurra Museum and then head off to the Lilly Creek Logoon. The Lagoon was filled after the construction of the Diversion Dam and has some great walking trails and wildlife.

Dearne is back this Friday so it is four more days of keeping myself amused. Again, what could possibly go wrong!!

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2 thoughts on “Keeping myself busy in Kununurra

  1. Hi Rod Great to see you are enjoying yourself. We are just leaving Fitzroy Crossing for Broome. Not much to see at the crossing other than Geike Gorge. We actually got some rain the night before last!! Can you check for Steve’s tablet at reception and see if it’s arrived. Many thanks.

    The Bungle Bungles. There are two free camps you may like. The first is a few kms before you get there, on the left, but the best is 5kms past the BBs turnoff. It’s called Leycesters Rest and is very popular but very big. Otherwise he camp ground is 1km on the dirt road.

    On your way to Fitzroy Crossing there is a really good free camp as well. It is 100 kms out from Fitzroy Crossing on the left up on a plateau and has good facilities. It’s at Ngumpan Cliff. If you do decide to go to a campsite the Fizroy River Resort just before town is very nice. It has a huge camp site.

    We decided to bypass Derby. Other than Tunnel Crossing which is meant to be fantastic, there is nothing at Derby. I know you are going for the Horizontal Falls. Make sure you book. They are turning people away. There are 2 camp grounds and I am told there is an adults only one which you might like!!! It’s west Kimberley Lodge and Caravan Park – there are only 20 spacious sites in a rural setting and walking distance to shops. Therese and Kerry are at the other one and said it is like sardines. We were going up there this morning but when they told us this we decided to go straight through.

    Dearne if you read this we hope you are having a super time with family in Perth and see you in Broome.

    Have fun!!! Jane and Steve

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  2. trish Whyte

    Hi Rod, all us kiwis freezing here and enjoying your tales of adventure, just couple of questions, do you have a fly screen/security door on your vehicle and a generator as you have mentioned a printer and Nespresso – regards trish

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