Back to Melbourne and waiting to board the ferry to Tasmania

Our 265km drive this morning from Warrnambool to Melbourne was tinged with a little sadness as today was our last ‘roady’ on the Aussie mainland. At this point of our journey it is very hard to see where the time has gone – it only seems like yesterday we were commencing our adventure from Brisbane in June 2013.

Roast lamb dinner at the Fife Farm, Warrnambool.  L to R: Jo, Brent, Rod, Dearne

Roast lamb dinner at the Fife Farm, Warrnambool.
L to R: Jo, Brent, Rod, Dearne

The last two days with Brent and Jo on the ‘Fife Farm’ has been very relaxing. Being invited to sleep in the house was a ‘special treat’. As much as we love the motorhome, an inside bed does have its advantages. Thanks very much guys – great hosts and a delicious roast lamb last night. We hope it is not too long before we catch up again. The captain found it very difficult this morning not to keep looking in the rear camera to see how the little jeep was tracking. It will take a few kilometres for him to get used of ‘nothing behind’.

It is 3.30pm in the afternoon in Melbourne and we are queued up along the side of the road (with about 50 other motorhomes and caravans) near the ferry terminal awaiting our turn to board for Tasmania. Apparently the Pier gates open at 5pm and we can then drive onto Station Pier and join the boarding queue. Quarantine Inspectors will search the motorhome prior to boarding to ensure we are not carrying and fruit or vegetables.

Because we booked ourselves on the night crossing, we decided that we would splash out and get a cabin for the night. We are not sure what they are like but hopefully it will be better than trying to sleep sitting up in one of the ferry chairs. We are also hoping we will be able to catch the final of the Tennis Open tonight.

We arrive in Devonport, Tasmania tomorrow morning (Monday) at 6.30am.

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